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Scuole di italiano per stranieri
Societ Dante Alighieri

Le Scuole di Italiano per stranieri di Roma, Milano, Firenze, Bologna e Torinofanno parte della Societ Dante Alighieri, istituita nel 1889 da un gruppo di intellettuali italiani guidati dal poeta Giosue Carducci con lo scopo di tutelare e diffondere la lingua e la cultura italiane nel mondo, ravvivando i legami spirituali dei connazionali allestero con la madre patria e alimentando tra gli stranieri lamore e il culto per la civilt italiana.

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Progetti Marco Polo e Turandot

CHAPTER XVI.It fared hard with the culprit caught in the act of selling brandy to Indians. They led him, after the sermon, to the door of the church; where, kneeling on the pavement, partially stript and bearing in his hand the penitential torch, he underwent a vigorous flagellation, laid on by Father Le Mercier himself, after the fashion formerly practised in the case of refractory school-boys. * Bishop Laval not only discharged against the offenders volleys of wholesale excommunication, but he made of the offence a reserved case; that is, a case in which the power of granting absolution was reserved to himself alone. This produced great commotion, and a violent conflict between religious scruples and a passion for gain. The bishop and the Jesuits stood inflexible; while their opponents added bitterness to the quarrel by charging them with permitting certain favored persons to sell brandy, unpunished, and even covertly selling it themselves. **La Scuola di Italiano di Roma si trova in pieno centro storico, allinterno del cinquecentesco Palazzo Firenze.

LA SALLE'S FOLLOWERS.La Scuola di Italiano di Milano situata vicino alla Stazione Centrale, in prossimit delle principali attrazioni turistiche della citt.

Paegnion looked up. All he saw inside the small opening was a delicate white hand, which had drawn251 aside the Coan curtain, some shining braids of brown hair, a gold fillet, and a pair of mischievous black eyes, whose sparkle vied with the fillet.On the following morning, they were placed on a large scaffold, in sight of the whole population. It was a gala-day. Young and old were gathered from far and near. Some mounted the scaffold, and scorched them with torches and firebrands; while the children, standing beneath the bark platform, applied fire to the feet of the prisoners between the crevices. The Algonquin women were told to burn their husbands and companions; and one of them obeyed, vainly thinking to appease her 250 tormentors. The stoicism of one of the warriors enraged his captors beyond measure. "Scream! why don't you scream?" they cried, thrusting their burning brands at his naked body. "Look at me," he answered; "you cannot make me wince. If you were in my place, you would screech like babies." At this they fell upon him with redoubled fury, till their knives and firebrands left in him no semblance of humanity. He was defiant to the last, and when death came to his relief, they tore out his heart and devoured it; then hacked him in pieces, and made their feast of triumph on his mangled limbs. [13]La Scuola di Italiano di Firenze collocata nell’ex Oratorio di San Pierino, a pochi passi dal Duomo di Firenze.

La Scuola di Italiano di Bologna si trova nel centro storico della citt, nei pressi della famosissima Piazza Maggiore.

The temporary excitement caused among the colonists by their return soon gave place to a dejection bordering on despair. "This pleasant land," writes Cavelier, "seemed to us an abode of weariness and a perpetual prison." Flattering themselves with the delusion, common to exiles of every kind, that they were objects of solicitude at home, they watched daily, with straining eyes, for an approaching sail. Ships, indeed, had ranged the coast to seek them, but with no friendly intent. Their thoughts dwelt, [Pg 416] with unspeakable yearning, on the France they had left behind, which, to their longing fancy, was pictured as an unattainable Eden. Well might they despond; for of a hundred and eighty colonists, besides the crew of the "Belle," less than forty-five remained. The weary precincts of Fort St. Louis, with its fence of rigid palisades, its area of trampled earth, its buildings of weather-stained timber, and its well-peopled graveyard without, were hateful to their sight. La Salle had a heavy task to save them from despair. His composure, his unfailing equanimity, his words of encouragement and cheer, were the breath of life to this forlorn company; for though he could not impart to minds of less adamantine temper the audacity of hope with which he still clung to the final accomplishment of his purposes, the contagion of his hardihood touched, nevertheless, the drooping spirits of his followers.[319][8] Le Mercier, Relation des Hurons, 1637, 114, 116 (Cramoisy).La Scuola di Italiano di Torino si trova nel quartiere Crocetta, tra la stazione di Porta Nuova e il Politecnico.

Certificazione PLIDA

Il certificato PLIDA (Progetto Lingua Italiana Dante Alighieri)
attesta la competenza in lingua italiana come lingua straniera.

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